Generating over a billion dollars per year, American hospitals have an incentive for short and efficient labors; the quicker the turnover, the higher the revenue. This pioneering documentary from producer Ricki Lake explores this alarming trend. Taking us through the history of birth in the US and around the world, The Business of Being Born confronts the vested interests within the US birthing system and offers an alternative solution: midwives. From Australia to France to Japan, 70-80 percent of births work within a system of doctors and midwives working together. Exploring why U.S. birthing norms have lagged behind the rest of the developed world, this film has spearheaded a landmark movement in female empowerment and is recommended for midwife and women's organizations as well as University courses in Nursing and Women's Studies.

 "A passionate ground-level examination of home childbirth." - The New York Times


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Additional Film Info:

Director: Abby Epstein
Subjects: Childbirth, Sociology, Women's Studies
Genres: Documentary
Type: Color
Year: 2008
Language: English
Length: 84 mins.