With the advent of contemporary advertising came a new American craft: hand-painted signs. The sign painter wasn't an artist, but a one man ad agency adhering to the laws of type and design with the sole intention of creating a work that would endure on a wall long after a product had launched. Scaling buildings for one client after the next, these counter-cultural painters developed the style of our cities before the creation of a cheap, tech-driven advancement in vinyl lettering nearly shut them out of business. Sign Painters examines the select few painters who stuck around in the midst of dwindling demand and catalyzed a resurgence of sign painting and street art in advertising today. The film is recommended for College and University courses in Art + Design, Art History, Advertising, Urbanization as well as for trade schools.

"Sign Painters, which has been put together with equal parts affection and skill by directors Faythe Levine and Sam Macon, is fresh and passionate and unexpected." - The Boston Globe

"Fast-paced, upbeat in tone and message, Sign Painters is an excellent introduction to the trade of sign-painting in America that’s suitable for classroom use at high school and college levels. Recommended"         - EMRO


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Additional Film Info:

Director: Sam Macon & Fayth Levine
Subjects:Advertising, Design, Sign Painting,Street Art, Typography
Genres: Documentary
Type: Color
Year: 2014
Language: English
Length: 81 mins.