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2016 Sundance Film Festival

 Though many documentaries have sought to capture the peculiar political electricity of the settlements in the Occupied Territories of the West Bank, Shimon Dotan’s THE SETTLERS is the first to accomplish that feat, combining a penetrating examination into the forgotten recesses of Israel’s history with access to today’s pioneers that is often distinctly unsettling. It’s a film of subtle yet staggering revelations that will leave most viewers with the feeling that hard-to-articulate questions have finally been asked – and must now be answered.

Directed by: Shimon Dotan  Runtime: 109 minutes

Community Screening (During Theatrical Run) $799 


"★★★★★  “The genius of the film is in allowing us to understand and visualise the world of blindness… A beautiful, accessible and thoughtful work of art.”  - The Guardian, Charlie Phillips


After losing sight, John Hull knew that if he did not try to understand blindness it would destroy him. In 1983 he began keeping an audio diary.

Over three years John recorded over sixteen hours of material, a unique testimony of loss, rebirth and renewal, excavating the interior world of blindness.

Published in 1990, the diaries were described by author and neurologist Oliver Sacks as, ‘A masterpiece… The most precise, deep and beautiful account of blindness I have ever read.’

Following on from the Emmy Award-winning short film of the same name, Notes on Blindness is an ambitious and groundbreaking work, both affecting and innovative – and one of the most essential British documentaries of the year.

The film premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival (alongside our virtual reality project), as well as winning the Special Jury Prize at the 59th San Francisco Film Festival and the Wellcome Trust Innovation and Storytelling Award at Sheffield Doc/Fest.

Directed by Peter Middleton & James Spinney  Runtime: 82 minutes

DVD with PPR: $349

DVD without PPR: $149

Digital Site License: $499

Digital Site License + Public Performance Rights: $699


God Knows Where I AM Poster

Award-winning director Mark S. Hall’s documentary about the lack of educational success and accountability in charter schools strikes an unexpectedly deep vein of corruption and shocking foreign influence. It turns out that the largest network of taxpayer-funded charter schools in the U.S. hides a worst-case-scenario - that they’re operated with highly questionable academic, labor, and visa standards by members of a rapidly expanding, global Islamic group whose leader lives in self-imposed exile in the Poconos and is likely tied to the 2016 violent coup against the Turkish government. It may sound far-fetched, but KILLING ED unloads a jaw-dropping surprise lurking inside the charter school movement – one that also reveals a startling disconnect with quality and accountability, as well as criminal behavior such as bribery of public officials.

Directed By: Mark S Hall  Runtime: 97 minutes

DVD with PPR: $349

DVD without PPR: $149

Digital Site License: $499

Digital Site License + Public Performance Rights: $699