We at BOND/Educator believe in bringing our films to campuses and communities around the world. All of our films are available for community or on-campus screenings. In addition to offering Public Performance Rights, you can also host your own screening by following the options below:


Option 1, Direct from BOND/Educator - the first possibility is to license the film directly from us, the distributor. This licensing fee grants you the Public Performance Rights and allows you to show the film to a non-admission paying audience. Community screening fees start at $300 USD. However, we do know that every organization has different resources and we're willing to work on this fee with you; we are negotiable. We never want the screening fee to be the reason that a film does not show in a community, so feel free to reach out and let us know what you think and we’ll work together to make your screening happen!

Option 2, TUGG & Cinema on Demand - Another option to consider if you don't have the upfront budget would be to utilize TUGG to crowdsource a screening in your area. If you aren't familiar, TUGG is a cinema-on-demand platform that lets you request and create a screening in your local city, at a local theater with just a few clicks of a button - your only cost will be the time to promote to your community to purchase a ticket ($10-12) price for the screening. The catch with Tugg, however, is that each event requires a minimum # of people in order for the event to happen. Typically this can be anywhere from 50-80 people and if those amount of tickets aren't sold, the screening wouldn't happen. That said, if you do meet the "threshold" and 50+ tickets are sold, your event is confirmed, the theater receives their minimum cost for the space and we the distributor also receive a licensing fee for our filmmakers. If you would like to explore a Tugg screening, let us know for which film and we will facilitate your event. 


Feel free to drop us a note at hello@bondinfluence.com or call us at 212-354-2650.