Advanced Style explores the personal lives of New York City’s most fashionable women – all over the age of 65. Strikingly subverting traditional notions of beauty,the film introduces the world to the style and wisdom of 7 vibrant seniors as they strut down the sidewalks of New York. Proving that there’s more to age than a number, more to fashion than a label, and more to womanhood than conforming to societal expectations, Advanced Style is highly recommended for Womens Studies, Sociology, Fashion, Communications and Media Studies, and Gerontology.

"Undeniably captivating" - The New York Times

"Highly Recommended" - EMRO

"Advanced Style slots neatly between Bill Cunningham New York and Albert Maysles's Iris. Recommended." - Video Librarian


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Additional Film Info:

Director: Lina Plioplyte
Subjects: Fashion, Media Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Urban Studies and Women's Studies 
Genres:  Documentary
Type: Color
Year: 2014
Language: English
Length: 72 mins.